Altera nabídla nový příspěvek na poli aplikací, které vyžadují minimální příkon a jsou limitovány prostorem a nízkou cenou.Tím příspěvkem je nová řada CPLD MAX IIZ. Ta nabízí stejně výhodné vlastnosti i cenu jako známé obvody MAXII. To vše při výrazně nižší spotřebě.

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Power Management Applications
  • Power sequencing
  • Power down timer
  • Battery ID check
  • Battery power gauge interface

Human-Machine Interface Applications
  • Keyboard decoder
  • Touch screen encoder
  • Capacitive touch sensor
  • Color LED driver
  • Display interface correction

System Management Applications
  • GPIO pin expansion
  • Voltage level translation
  • Peripheral control
  • Memory and storage device interface
  • Interrupt processing
  • Remote system updating

Zero Power, Small Form Factor and Low Cost
  • Low power consumption—as low as 29 µA. With the industry’s lowest dynamic and static power consumption, MAX IIZ can meet the needs of the most demanding battery or low-power applications.
  • Ultra-small packages—as small as 5 mm x 5 mm. MAX IIZ CPLDs provide up to 6X the density and 3X the I/O resources in the same package sizes as traditional macrocell-based CPLDs. This means you will be able to pack greater functionality into a smaller PCB space.
  • Greater logic integration at a lower price. Low-cost MAX IIZ CPLDs will help you deliver feature-rich portable products at competitive prices.