BlackBoard - breadboard designer je celkem užitečný program umožňující rozvržení součástek a návrh jejich propojení na univerzálních deskách. Zejména bych považoval tento prográmek užitečný pro různé kroužky nebo snad i pro školství. Program běží na každém systému kde existuje javovský VM.

BlackBoard is a personal project of mine and was initially designed to help me create electric circuits on a solderable breadboard.

Either Linux, Windows or any other platform suitable for running the Java Virtual Machine
Java Runtime 1.6+
256MB free memory for applications

Simply download the binary distribution, extract it an run java -jar BlackBoard.jar

The current documentation can be found here


BlackBoard 0.1 executable (~6.5MB)

Known Bugs
Parts that are created after another sit on top. This is especially a problem when adding IC packages and a IC socket after that. In this case the IC is located below the socket.
When "Snap to grid" is enabled and a wire is drawn, the start of the line might snap in a few pixels away from the mouse.
Other than that: Lots of, since it is an early available prototype, so please don't ask for support and do not make me responsibe for any harmful things that might happen to you while using this program.

Matthias Pueski

All source code released under the GNU Public License V2