Zdá se, že vysoce přesné A/D převodníky se začnou častěji objevovat i v ARM Cortex M3 mcu. Jsem zvědav na řadu STM32F3xx. Ale zpět k Analog Devices, které mají velké zkušenosti s analogovou technikou. Jejich ADuCM360 je velmi úsporný mikrořadič se spotřebou pod 1 mA v run módu, s integrovaným 24-bitovým Sigma Delta převodníkem s 11 vstupy (které též mohou být zapojeny jako 6 diferenčních vstupů!) a integrovaným D/A převodníkem vhodným pro vytváření proudové smyčky 4-20 mA. Obsahem další části textu je tisková zpráva v angličtině.


ADuCM360 draws 1-mA operating current for full operation of processor and analog front-end to enable 4- to 20-mA loop-powered smart sensor applications.

Norwood, MA (06/04/2012) - Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI), the data converter market share leader*, today introduced the ADuCM360, a fully integrated, 4-kSPS, 24-bit data acquisition system-on-a-chip incorporating dual, high-performance, multi-channel sigma-delta A/D converters, a 32-bit ARM CortexTM M3 MCU, and flash/EE memory. This device draws 1-mA of operating current and is designed for direct interfacing to external 4- to 20-mA loop-powered precision sensors in industrial process control. Low sleep current further enhances ADuCM360 use in battery powered applications.

The ADuCM360 microcontroller core is a low power 32-bit ARM RISC machine and incorporates a flexible 11-channel DMA (direct memory access) controller supporting wired (SPI, UART, I²C) communication peripherals. In addition there are 128k bytes of non-volatile flash/EE and 8k bytes of SRAM, all integrated on-chip.

The ADuCM360 analog sub-system consists of two A/D converters connected to a flexible input multiplexer (with up to 11 input channels) and each with its own programmable gain amplifier. Both converters can operate in fully differential or single-ended modes. The ADuCM360 is ideal for applications where the second A/D converter is needed for temperature compensation on the sensor or for dual-sensor applications. Available in August will be the ADuCM361, which contains all the features of the ADuCM360 but includes only one A/D converter.

View the ADuCM360 product page, order samples, and download the data sheet: www.analog.com/en/processors-dsp/analog-microcontrollers/aducm360/processors/product.html

Access the Circuits from the Lab™ reference circuit note to learn how to integrate the ADuCM360 into your design, visit: www.analog.com/en/circuits-from-the-lab/CN0221/vc.html

Get support at ADI’s EngineerZone™ online technical support community: ez.analog.com/community/analog-microcontrollers/aduc-cortex-m3

“The ADuCM360 consumes just 1 mA in full operation, with both A/D converters and programmable gain amps active, making them ideal for use in 4- to 20-mA loop-powered systems,” said Leo McHugh, director Precision A/D Converters, Analog Devices. “The ADuCM360/361 delivers the industry’s highest accuracy analog conversion and more processing-per-mW of power than any other analog microcontroller solution for industrial smart sensor applications.”

ADuCM360 Analog Microcontroller Key Features and Benefits

A complete, single-chip analog front-end including input signal conditioning, dual PGAs, voltage reference, dual 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters and a buffered voltage-output D/A converter resulting in higher accuracy, reduced board space and lower power consumption.

An integrated, low power, 32-bit, 20-MIPs ARM Cortex M3 core enables advanced diagnostics at a sensor node – wired or wireless – for higher accuracy measurements.

Up to 12 programmable sensor excitation current sources from 10µA to 1mA can be used with bridge sensors and resistive temperature sensors.

The on-chip D/A converter can be used for 4- to 20-mA loop control.

Supported with the low-cost QuickStartTM Development Kit, which includes sample code, function libraries, compilers and emulators for faster and less expensive software development.

Specified for a wide industrial temperature range of –40°C to +125°C

On-chip factory firmware supports in-circuit serial download via a serial wire interface (2-pin JTAG system) and UART while non-intrusive emulation is also supported via the serial wire interface. These features are incorporated into a low-cost QuickStart™ Development Kit supporting this precision analog microcontroller family.

This new data acquisition system is available in a 48-lead, 7mm x 7mm LFCSP package and operates from a 1.8-V to 3.3-V supply.

Pricing, Availability and Complementary Products

Samples and the QuickStartTM Development Kits are currently available.

Part NoAvailabilityA/D Converter Resolution (Bits)ADCsPricing (1K)
ADuCM361August24 or 161$3.95
EVAL-ADuCM360NowQuickStart Software development system$119

Complementary components include ADI’s AD5700 HART modem IC, a single-chip implementation for encoding and decoding the HART communications protocol, and the AD5421 16-bit D/A converter for loop-powered smart transmitter applications.