Modulů s ESP8266 je přehršel, který vybrat? Zde uvedený přehled není sice úplný, jsou uvedeny jen ty nejběžnější, ale snad pomůže. Ceny začínají hluboko pod 100,- Kč.

Dostupné moduly:
  • ESP-01: through the use of professional equipment matching PCB antenna, the radiation effect is excellent, 8PIN-pin serial port and upgrade leads to the mouth, and a reset
  • ESP-02: external antenna can penetrate the metal shield, better external antenna, the proposed standard with 50-ohm antenna
  • ESP-03: leads all available IO ports, and using high-gain antennas shrink ceramics, suitable for development with the SDK friend
  • ESP-04: leads all the IO ports, antenna customers can design their own freedom, more flexible
  • ESP-05: interface only leads to ease of use UART and VCC
  • ESP-06: bottom mount technology, leads all the IO ports, with metal shielding shell
  • ESP-07: Semi-hole chip technology, all the IO leads, with metal shielding shell
  • ESP-08: same as ESP-07, except that the antenna is in the form of customers can define their own
  • ESP-09: Ultra-small size package, only 10 * 10 mm, four-layer board technology 1M bytes!
  • ESP-10: SMD interface, narrow-body design, 10 mm wide, suitable for light with controller
  • ESP-11: SMD interface, ceramic antenna, small size